Vacuum Tankers

Doornbos Equipment UK rents vacuum trucks which are also available for sale. vacuum trucks allow the vacuuming of liquids and solids, wet and dry, thick sludge and powders. The parts and materials that come into contact with the product to be vacuumed are made of stainless steel as standard, making them resistant to the highest degrees of acidity. ATEX and ADR certifications ensure you are working with the most efficient, versatile and safe equipment.

Our vacuumtrucks are the perfect addition to your fleet for the: suction, transporting and loading of liquids and hazardous substances. As a standard, the trucks come with one rotary switch to operate the unit. This makes the unit unique in its ease of operation. The trucks can also be supplied in combination with a powerful high-pressure pump and a standard 4000 l. clean water tank for industrial cleaning

We also offer vacuumtrucks that are specifically designed for suction, transporting, and unloading of liquid and hazardous substances. These robust machines operate gently with a 3200 m3 liquid ring vacuum pump, resulting in moderate operating temperatures. The mechanical level indicator with a float ball warns timely which makes it possible to empty the hoses without spilling any fluids.

We can offer both the rental and sales of Vacuum trucks.

Why rent from us?

  • 24/7 breakdown line
  • Competitive prices
  • Site delivery
  • Short and long term hire both available

Why purchase from us?

  • After sales care packages
  • Service packages
  • 24 hour customer contact
  • Both new and second hand machines available