Production Lines

For production line projects, Doornbos Equipment has the right product. From high pressure pumps to tools, hoses, personal protective equipment and vacuum units.


We have high pressure pumps from 350 to 2800 bar (5,000 – 40,000 psi) and a variety of water jetting tools that can be used in combination to safely and efficiently, clean production lines


Some production line activities generate dust or grit and sometimes wet substances can also released. With the vacuum units from Doornbos Equipment you can extract, collect and dispose of these substances immediately. Preventing confirmation within water and the air.  We also offer vacuum units in various configurations and gears for both dry and wet product.


Continuity and safety are of great importance while working in close vicinity of production lines. The right choice of equipment plays a major role in this. At Doornbos Equipment we therefore are more than happy to visit your site to provide you expert advise. Free of charge and without obligation! In addition, you can always rely on us 24/7 and we take immediate action if any potential issues occur. We will try to fix issues on site, or quickly exchange the machine.


Doornbos Equipment has an extensive fleet of high pressure pumps and water jetting tools. We can assist you with the purchase of new water jetting pumps, tools and vacuum equipment depending on your requirements. Doornbos Equipment is the WOMA and Amphitec dealer for the UK & Ireland.


You must be able to rely on the right equipment. But least as important is knowing how to work safely with it. Doornbos Equipment therefore offers various safety training courses for working safely by using high pressure water jetting technology. Think of water jetting safety awareness training or machine familiarisation training.


If you would like more information about our water jetting solutions for production lines? Call us on 01642 – 566360. Of course you can also email us via our contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.