Amphitec V-Force Combi

The Amphitec V-Force is specifically designed for suction, transporting and unloading of liquid and hazardous substances in the (heavy) industry. This robust machine operates gently with a 3200 m3 liquid ring vacuum pump, resulting in moderate operating temperatures. The mechanical level indicator with a float ball warns timely which makes it possible to empty the hoses without spilling any fluids.

The cyclone filter clears the airflow from any carried along residue which keeps the cooling system clean. Amphitec focusses in design on ease of operation and optimizing uptime. This was the basis for simplicity in design. The electrical system is based on a system of relays instead of a complex PLC, which makes fault finding and repairs quick and easy.

As a standard, the Amphitec V-Force Combi comes with one rotary switch to operate the unit. This makes the unit unique in its ease of operation. The Amphitec V-Force Combi can also be supplied in combination with a powerful high-pressure pump and saddlebag tanks which are mounted to the sludge tank for increasing the flush water capacity with 2m³ additional volume. This results in a total volume of 6000 l. flush water for industrial cleaning. These tanks are made of stainless steel.

A hydraulic driven hose reel can be installed on the tank rear door. This reel is installed with 120m high pressure hose and equipped with a swivel joint. Roll up & unroll the hose reel can be done manually or hydraulically. In order to work safely, the standard unit includes a foldable exhaust with a connection for the safe removal of extracted gases. This high-quality machine is built on a chassis and fully approved according to ADR standards.

The compact design of the unit creates an excellent manoeuvrability and with the lengthy hose storage compartments a lot of storage space is created.



Tank Capacity

12m³, 15m³ or 19m³

Tank Material

Stainless steel

Vacuum Pump

5500 m³/hr

Max. Vacuum


Max. Overpressure

2 bar


3, 4 or 5 axle chassis


High Pressure pump 50L/120 Bar



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