Pipe and Bundle Cleaning

At Doornbos you can rent or buy various high-pressure tools for thorough cleaning or flushing sewers, pipes and (heat exchanger) bundles of various diameters. For extra cleaning power, Doornbos also rents heaters, which generate hot water.


Doornbos Equipment supply Peinemann bundle cleaning systems, that allow for cleaning of heat exchangers in place or in the wash bay. The systems are semi-automated to avoid manual activities with high-pressure cleaning as much as possible. Ultra-high-pressure water jetting is a highly effective, non-destructive method of cleaning Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers, Finfan Heat Exchangers and Condenser Tube Bundles that have become blocked or fouled.

We have multi-lance rigid lancing systems for the wash bay as well as shell side cleaners to handle large numbers of bundles during shutdowns. We also supply portable twin and triple flex lance systems which can be easily attached to the flange of the bundle in place for cleaning with a remote control.


Pipe cleaners are specially designed for cleaning sewers and pipes. Our pipe cleaners have a maximum diameter of 450 cm. Versions can be rented between 1000 and 2800 bar, for straight pipes or a version for pipes with bends. The nozzle contains several nozzles, spread over the head, in different spray directions. One nozzle propels itself through a pipe or tube. The other jets spray the dirt loose and the water causes the dirt to flow away.


Heaters (hot water units) are used for heating the water of high-pressure pumps. These are available in a 20ft container and can heat the water of pumps up to max 1000 bar and 250 liters per minute up to 90 degrees Celsius. It facilitates industrial cleaning as coatings and contaminants such as greases and oils loosen faster.


The best results are achieved by matching your entire water jetting setup as optimally as possible. In addition to choosing the right tool, we are also happy to help you choose the right high-pressure unit. When you rent a high-pressure tool from us, it can only be done in combination with a high-pressure unit. This is because we want to make sure that the setup is tailored to your work. Even if you are buying, we are happy to think with you about your ideal setup. With multiple dealerships of leading brands, we have a suitable tool and high-pressure unit up to 3000 bar for virtually any high-pressure job.

We also have equipment to suck up, collect and even dispose of the loosened surface with our vacuum offering. Good for the environment!

Make sure you do the work safely. As a TST distributor, we can also help you with the necessary protective equipment, developed specifically for this industry. For all of our safety and operator training, please refer to our complete training offerings.

Discuss your project and/or challenge with our experts at (Teesside) + 44 (0)1642 56 6360, (Liverpool) +44 (0)1514 40 2100, send an email to sales@doornbosequipment.co.uk or request a quote directly: buy or rent.