Amphitec Vortex

The Amphitec Vortex (also known as the Base Loader) offers the best solution for vacuuming, blowing and transporting dry substances. Built on a three-axle, four-axle or five-axle chassis, this truck with many extra options can be fully adapted to the customer’s requirements. The machine remains highly manoeuvrable thanks to its compact construction.

The Amphitec Vortex can be fitted with a closed filter chamber and is therefore suitable for sucking both wet and dry substances. Due to its large suction capacity (maximum 96% vacuum), the Vortex sucks up a wide variety of materials quickly and efficiently, including wet and dry substances, sludge and powders. Examples include the suction of soil, as well as, for example, the application of roof ballast. This makes the Amphitec Vortex highly versatile.



Tank Capacity

12m³, 15m³ or 19m³

Tank Material

Stainless steel

Vacuum Pump

5500 m³/hr

Max. Vacuum


Max. Overpressure

2 bar


3, 4 or 5 axle chassis


High Pressure pump 50L/120 Bar



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