Surface Preparation

At Doornbos you can rent or buy various high-pressure tools for efficient and effective cleaning and treatment of all kinds of surfaces using high-pressure water technology, such as:

  • Cleaning of (industrial) floors
  • Cleaning of facades, walls, roofs, paving
  • Demolition of (reinforced) concrete walls and structures
  • Removing paint or coating from ship walls or other surfaces
  • The tools allow the work to be carried out with great precision and are designed for various pressures, with different specifications. Applicability depends entirely on the work to be done and is best coordinated with one of our technical advisors. Doornbos is dealer of WOMA high-pressure units and tools and distributor of Conjet hydrodemolition robots

Curious about the benefits of working with high-pressure water jetting technology?


Do you want to perform high-pressure work with a high-pressure gun? Doornbos has spray guns from 200 to 3000 bar in various configurations and with different lances, heads and nozzles. A high-pressure gun is an efficient accessory for quick jobs and to reach hard-to-reach areas, such as corners and protruding elements.


For cleaning industrial floors, terraces, or other types of floors, we have floor cleaners from 350 – 3000 bar with a maximum working width of up to 52cm.


More and more high pressure tools are designed so that they can be remotely controlled and work (semi) automatically. This makes performing the work much safer and less stressful. They are also often used for large flat areas, where meters can be made. For concrete demolition, you can hire special hydrodemolition robots. With these, you can spray down concrete structures extremely accurately, while preserving reinforcement. For vertical, steel (ship) walls, we have remote-controlled crawling robots that can be controlled in all directions by magnetic or vacuum adhesion.


The best results are achieved by matching your entire water jetting setup as optimally as possible. In addition to choosing the right tool, we are also happy to help you choose the right high-pressure unit. When you rent a high-pressure tool from us, you can only do so in combination with a high-pressure unit. This is because we want to make sure that the setup is tailored to your requirements. Even if you are buying, we are happy to think with you about your ideal setup. With multiple dealerships of leading brands, we have a suitable tool and high-pressure unit up to 3000 bar for virtually any high-pressure job.

We also have equipment to suck up, collect and even dispose of the loosened surface with our vacuum offering. Good for the environment!

Make sure you do the work safely. As a TST distributor, we can also help you with the necessary protective equipment, developed specifically for this industry. For all of our safety and operator training, please refer to our complete training offerings.

Discuss your project and/or challenge with our experts at (Teesside) + 44 (0)1642 56 6360, (Liverpool) +44 (0)1514 40 2100, send an email to or request a quote directly: buy or rent.