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We are the sole dealer of WOMA equipment within the UK & Ireland. From Vacuum Trucks to High Pressure Pumps and all the accessories in between, Doornbos is your “One Stop Shop”.

Our WOMA High Pressure Pumps start from 350 bar and range up to 3000 bar / 5075 -43,500 PSI.

They can be used to carry out tasks such as;

  • Graffiti removal
  • Weed killing
  • Bundle cleaning
  • Hydrodemolition
  • Steel cutting (cold)

And much more.

Our Vacuum Units are available for purchase on wagon mounted rigid vacuum tankers, (including combination tankers) vacuum unit containers, vacuum trailers and also on a skid.

Vacuum Units can be used to carry out the transportation and discharging of dry or liquid products such as;

  • Grit
  • Asbestos
  • Water
  • Oil

The substances are vacuumed at a capacity of 2500 m3/h, 5000 m3/h or 8000m3/h and can be separated from the water and directly caught and disposed of via cyclones. For hazardous products, vacuum tankers are Full ADR rated.

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