Water Jetting Safety Awareness

Course Overview

All water jetting courses are City & Guilds-accredited. Course content is regularly updated in line with technological advances and changes to safety and regulatory requirements, so operatives and their employers can be certain they are receiving the best possible instruction.

The Water Jetting Safety Awareness is an entry-level course. This is a mandatory one-day classroom-based course covering all main areas of water jetting operation and safety, including types of water jetting, water pressure and flow rates, risk assessment and the use of safety clothing.

The Safety Awareness training course is based on the Associations “Code of Practice for the use of High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment” as set out by the Water Jetting Association (WJA).

This training course is essential for all personnel who are required to operate high/ultra high pressure water jetting equipment in the course of their daily work. The WJA strongly advises that operatives should combine the Water Jetting Safety Awareness course with a relevant practical course to obtain the most thorough instruction in safe and effective water jetting.

Benefits for Operatives

  • Successful operatives are registered with the WJA international database
  • Successful operatives are issued with a certificate and a WJA photo ID card, detailing courses passed
  • WJA water jetting training is recognised by employers and is required by many contractors
  • Gives operatives a greater understanding of safety in water jetting operations
  • Knowledge of how to safely operate high pressure jetting equipment
  • Practical skills and familiarisation with the equipment
  • Ability to identify potential hazards

Benefits for Employers

  • Competent employees, better able to complete water jetting operations.
  • Employees better able to communicate outcomes, and who feel their employer has made an investment in them
  • WJA training sets a benchmark for skills and operational standards
  • It supports safe, productive and sustainable water jetting practice
  • It supports workforce development and key operative retention
  • It provides quality assurance for prospective customers

Who should attend?

  • All personnel who are required to operate high/ultra high pressure water jetting equipment in the course of their daily work
  • New or inexperienced operators of water jetting equipment
  • Experienced operators who have not had previous training and who need to improve their knowledge and skills
  • Experienced operators who require re-training (refresher) due to changes in equipment specification or legislation
  • Managers and supervisors who are responsible for water jetting personnel
  • Health and Safety managers
  • Client-side contract or operational managers who obtain the services of water jetting specialists

Other available courses

The following modules are also available;

  • DS – Drain & Sewer Cleaning (half day)
  • SP – Surface Preparation (half day)
  • TP – Tube & Pipe Cleaning (half day)
  • HD – Hydro-demolition (full day)
  • PW – Pressure Washing (full day)

Please note, candidates must have a valid Safety Awareness card to complete any of the above modules. All module certificates remain valid whilst a Safety Awareness card remains in date.

Course Dates

We tend to run at least 1 Safety Awareness course and 1 module every month at our Billingham depot. You can find our current course dates here.

Dates can be scheduled to suit client’s requirements and training can be carried out at the client’s premises, providing there is a classroom and correct equipment.

If you are not sure which module is the right one for you, for any more information on the courses we provide or to book onto a course please contact us T 01642 566360 E sales@doornbosequipment.co.uk