high pressure gun

350 – 500 bar
A) Jet gun with mechanical dry shut off valve.
Pressing the trigger opens the valve and causes high
pressure water to flow. The valve is closed and flow is cut
off simply by releasing the trigger.

up to 3000 bar
(B) Mechanical bypass (dump) gun.
By releasing the trigger, the gun bypass valve is opened,
emitting the water through a hose without pressure.
(C) Jet gun with electrical control signal.
A proximity switch sends an electric signal through a
cable to the pump bypass control. When releasing the
trigger, the water flow is cut off.

Note: Where jet guns have a wireless control (A and B), the machine automatically reverts immediately to an unpressurised mode, when releasing the trigger.

Various options available: lances, point jet or flat jet
nozzles, in either fixed position or rotating.
Please discuss your specific project requirements with
one of our experts.



Max. Pressure

3000 bar

Max. Flow