3000 bar magnetic crawler robot dome

Hire a 3000 bar magnetic crawler robot? The MagTrack is a remote controlled, magnetic, 4 wheel drive carrier (crawler) which can be used for applications on flat or slightly curved steel surfaces. This universal carrier is the base for many different solutions. This configurations has a dome.

Operation is safe and easy and can be done by one man. The carrier can be set up with your desired tool in 30 minutes. The remote control ensures that the operator stays on the ground and out of the line of fire! No more need for scaffolding or cherry pickers.

The MagTrack Carrier is delivered with a remote controller, main control unit, antenna cable, magnetic antenna foot and transport plate.




Crawler robot for steel surface preparation


Magnetic adherence

Max. Pressure

3000 bar

Max. Flow

40 (L/MIN)

Carrier Dimensions (L x W x H)

720x510x360 mm

Carrier Weight

80 kg

Dome Dimensions (L x W x H)

685x630x450 mm

Dome Weight

25 kg

Max. Cleaning Path

370 mm

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