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WOMA Eco Top Rotating Cleaner (ETRC)

The Eco Top Rotating Cleaner (ETRC) is the optimum manual device for cleaning and paint stripping of even surfaces. A balancer ensures that the device always remains in the required working position. We provide the ETCR with its rotating nozzle carrier as self-powered or externally driven (pneumatic, electric) version. The external drive enables you to vary the rot. speed independently of the nozzle setting and therefore perform the work with great accuracy. You can also fit the system with a suction device and water treatment – a benefit in all areas which may not be exposed to high moisture levels.


    • Max operating pressure (bar)

    • 2500

    • Max flow volume (l/min)

    • 20

    • Working width (mm)

    • 180

    • Rotational speed (rpm)

    • 2500

    • working pressure of air motor (bar)

    • 7

    • Air consumption (l/s)

    • 3,6

    • Number of nozzles (piece(s))

    • 4

    • Weight (kg)

    • 12.9

    • Dimensions (L × W × H) (mm)

    • 540 x 373 x 373