Peinemann TLX Bundle Cleaner

Peinemann provides state-of-the-art bundle cleaning systems in order to clean heat exchangers in place or in the wash bay. These systems are semi-automated to avoid manual activities with high-pressure cleaning as much as possible.

Peinemann TLX Bundle Cleaner

The new Lightweight Multifunctional Convertible 3 lance feeder is 30% lighter through the use of Carbon Fiber and Alloy components. Designed for an easy and quick assembly of Triple Lance Tube cleaning, Dual Lance Tube cleaning and Single Pipe cleaning by the use of a brand new “cartridge design”

Features of the TLX:

  • Lightweight through the use of carbon fibre casing.
  • Works with a cartridge for quick change of parts in the field.
  • New Stainless Steel Track design resulting in minimal maintenance.
  • Power transfer through gearwheels. Multiple configurations available for slower or faster speed.
  • 10K Rolodex and 20K Rolodex Hose Catcher sets keeps all sizes safety catchers in one easy to use bundle.
  • Integrated handles for easy handling and safe lifting.
  • Multifunctional: first 3 lance feeder that is converteable to a pipe cleaning tool.
  • Accepts 3/2” to 8/4“ hoses
  • Optional conversion for 2×10/4” or 2×3/8”
  • Additional Pipe cleaning 3/8” – 3/4” hoses ( XXLTC )
  • Quick changeable guide tube system without thread.
  • Front mounted internally located airmotor, making the tool more compact.
  • Can be fitted with 2nd motor for added strength when required.
  • Optional flushing system.
  • Automatic chain tensioners (never need adjustment).
  • Friction can be controlled through friction springs or air cylinders.
  • Virtually no tools required.




Max. Pressure

350 x 350 mm