WOMA Magnet Lizard Crawler Robot

The Magnet Lizard is unbeatable when it comes to the effective cleaning, decoating or paint stripping of large areas, e.g. ship hulls, tanks and larger steel structures. It adheres magnetically to any magnetic surface – horizontal, inclined, vertical or overhead. Remotely controlled and self-propelled, the Lizard makes scaffolding unnecessary and so reduces the costs to a minimum. With working pressures of up to 3000 bar and a working width of up to 400 mm, the Lizard ensures precise working and high area efficiency. The Magnet Lizard is especially suitable as an accessory for WOMA devices in the Advanced and Expert series.



Max operating pressure

3000 bar

Max flow volume

45 (L/MIN)

Max inlet temperature

60 °C

Working width

370 mm

Rotational speed

2500 RPM

working pressure of air motor

6 bar

Air consumption

1 (L/SEC)

Number of nozzles



56 kg

Dimensions (L×W×H)

650 x 1000 x 415 mm

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