WOMA HP 1500S-V-E-24V High Pressure Gun

The gun is fitted with a mechanical valve and an additional electrical switching contact. The high pressure operation of the appropriate device is switched on and off by an electrical switching contact. If the gun is not being actuated, the high-pressure hose is always depressurised so making work easier and increasing worker safety. When the trigger is released, the flow of water is stopped immediately by the mechanical valve. The high-pressure gun is notable for its ergonomically formed hand grip and low weight. The gun is fitted with trigger guard and trigger safety as well as a plastic hand grip and forged steel pressure housing as standard. Applications with hot water up to 100°C can be carried out at any time. Alternatively, the gun can fitted with a radio remote control. The high-pressure HP 1500S-V-E-24V gun is especially suitable as an accessory for WOMA devices in the Advanced

  • General cleaning of parts and surfaces
  • Removing paint from ship hulls
  • Preparation of surfaces and substrates
  • Screen and filter cleaning
  • Cleaning of formworks
  • Cleaning of ship hulls and buoys


Max. operating pressure

1500 bar

Max. flow volume

65 (L/MIN)

Max. inlet temperature

95 °C

High pressure input

M22 x 1,5

High pressure output

9/16" - 18 UNF

Control voltage

24 V


3 kg

Dimensions (L×W×H)

405 x 405 x 120 mm

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