Conjet Hydrodemolition Robot 557

The Conjet Robot 557 is unique for its flexibility. The robot is available in various configurations and can work up to over 6 meters high on a vertical surface, and also up to 3 meters below surface level. The precise and powerful Conjet Robot 557 comes in two options: diesel and electric driven. This makes it possible to choose the best Robot for your project, either a powerful diesel engine, or an eco-friendly electric engine. To optimise stability, the robot is designed to slide the main body as well as extending the tracks if needed.

Conjet offers the Robot 557 MPA (Multipurpose Arm), Robot 557 MPA XL and Robot 557 H (Horizontal).

Various configuration options available. Feel free to discuss your requirements with one of our experts at +44 (0)1642 56 63 60 or +44 (0)1514 40 21 00.




Diesel 18,7 kW

Max. reaction force

3000 N

Width / with extended tracks

1200 mm / 1900 mm

Working width

2100 mm


3560 mm


1580 mm

Cutting height - overhead

4580 mm

Cutting height - vertical

5050 mm


2600 kg

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