WOMA EcoMaster D 550M ZWG

The EcoMaster ZWG features a reliable, multi-stage intermediate gear with additional overdrive function. This enables the fuel consumption to be minimised due to working at a low engine speed. The right machine size is always available for every application. Using the overdrive function provides a remarkably low fuel consumption at maximum output. The machine can be operated at full power with optimal efficiency. Noise emission is considerably reduced due to the speed reduction of the engine. Shifting is conveniently controlled via a display and takes place without load during operation. The machine has a soft start function in idle mode, which protects the pump, increases the service life and reduces wear and tear. Specific power output and fuel consumption are constantly indicated to allow full control over operating costs.



Max. oper. pressure

3000 bar

Max. flow rate

105 (L/MIN)

Motor type


Max. motor rating

540 kW

Pump capacity

401 kW

Pump rotation speed

1800 RPM


5420 kg

Dimensions appr. (LxWxH)

4616 x 2030 x 2210 mm

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