Kärcher HDS 9/50

The Kärcher HDS 9/50 generates 500 bar pressure, offers a high degree of mobility and is part of the machine class of trailer-based hot water pressure washers. Thanks to its powerful diesel engine, the machine works entirely independently of power sources in any conceivable place.

The temperature of our 500 bar high pressure pumps is adjustable, up to 98 degrees. When using hot water, the pump can be used as a high-pressure cleaner. This is the ideal machine for removing dirt and grease, for example. When you set the high-pressure pump to cold water, it can be used as a high-pressure cleaner for cleaning, for example, façades, terraces, fences, machines, swimming pools and other surfaces. As the temperature is adjustable, one high-pressure cleaner is multi-purpose for different cleaning tasks.

Extraordinary mobility and ease of use

1. Powerful engine. Equipped with a powerful 19 kW Yanmar diesel engine

2. Large range. The HDS trailer is equipped with two supply reels with 30m long, 30m high pressure hose and a 100 liter fuel tank

3. Storage space. Storage for detergents and accessories on board

4. Large cab. For easy access to all major components

5. Efficient. Equipped with efficient burner technology Kärcher

6. Large water tank. Equipped with 500 L fresh water tank



Max. Pressure

500 bar

Max. Flow Rate

8,5 - 15 (L/MIN)



Engine Brand


Dimensions (L×W×H)

3646 x 1747 x 1735 mm