Flowplant DTK Trailer Jetter

The Flowplant DTK trailer jetter delivers huge cleaning power of 4,000 psi at 12 gpm. Perfect for contractors who need to get the job done – first time!

Its legendary Harben P pump can drive the hose deep into sewers blocked with silt, fat, scale or roots, restoring flow in a matter of minutes. It has more than enough jetting power to clean 300mm drains quickly and professionally.

The twin plastic tanks are lightweight and corrosion free. They can hold 500 litres (110 gallons) and both have access covers making them easy to clean.

The hydraulically powered hose reel, with speed control and free wheel facility, increases productivity by reducing down time. The reels freewheel mode lets operators pull off long lengths of hose in just a few seconds. Particularly useful when working a long distance from the machine. The speed control lets operators match the pull back speed to the task – quicker for silt and slower for scale

Its low emission diesel engine, hydraulic hose reel and 7 channel radio control (option) put this drain jetter at the top of the list when it comes to specification.

With options up to 6000 psi (415 bar) and flows to 12 gpm (55 lpm) the DTK trailer jetter can take on a multitude of high pressure cleaning tasks. Drains, floor cleaning and even culverts can all be tackled by the immensely powerful machine.




Drain Jetter



Max. Pressure

275 bar

Max. Flow

55 (L/MIN)



Dimensions (L×W×H)

3290 x 1690 x 1350 mm

Weight (empty)

1000 kg

Water Tank

500 L

Hose Reel

Variable-speed hydraulic-rewind hose reel with 120m high-pressure hose capacity

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