WOMA 30Y High Pressure Plunger Pump

The high-pressure pumps from the Y-series are exceedingly compact. Their small size and low weight make them especially suitable for use in high-pressure units, for which these two characteristics are of particular significance. With its operating pressures of up to 1,000 bar, the Y-series is outstandingly suited to many different cleaning tasks, e.g. in the chemical industry, oil and gas industries, as well as for marine applications. Depending on the media being used, the standard carbide plunger in the 70Y pump can be replaced by a media-resistant ceramic plunger. It is also possible to fit the pump with a suction valve lift for unpressurised circulation of the water within the pump head. The newly developed 30Y high-pressure pump extends the performance spectrum of the Y-series even further. With a required driving power of 30 kW, it is capable of pumping up to 16.7 l/min at 1,000 bar, yet still offers favourable purchase and operating costs.



Min/Max. Oper. Pressure

1000 bar

Min/Max. Flow Rate

12,5 - 16,7 (L/MIN)

Max. Driving power

31 kW


78 kg

Dimensions appr. (LxWxH)

627 x 422 x 262 mm