multi jet robot

Hire a multifunctional high-pressure water jetting robot? Our multi jet robot is a tracked machine with an arm, on which different attachments can be put for various high pressure jobs. Remote controlled.

A: Surface Cleaner
Configuration 4x Flat jet tool
Max. Pressure 1000 bar
Max. Flow Various

B: Surface Cleaner
Configuration Holder for 2x lances with various nozzle (holder) options
Max. Pressure Various
Max. Flow Various

C: Oscillator
Application Oscillating holder for various lance / nozzle configurations
Max. Pressure Various
Max. Flow Various

D: Vacuum Wall Cleaner
Application Rotary Spray Bar
Max. Pressure 3000 bar
Max. Flow Various
Cleaning Diameter 380mm
Vacuum Connection Yes




Multi purpose robot with various water jetting attachments

Max. Pressure

3000 bar

Weight Machine ex Attachments

1250 kg


8,8kW Diesel / Electric 36 A

Max Height Reach

2985 mm

Transport Dimensions (L x W x H)

2955x750x2190 mm

Fuel Tank

12 L

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