woma 2800 bar 25 litre

2800 bar 25 litre WOMA high pressure unit diesel rental? The WOMA 2800/25 is a diesel-powered high-pressure unit with an operating pressure of 2800 bar and a maximum water flow of 25 litres. This high-pressure unit in a trailer configuration is ideal for thorough cleaning, paint removal, hydrodemolition, surface preparation, bundle cleaning and water cutting. Thanks to the built-in diesel and water tank, you can also use the unit in places where there is no water or power connection. Of course, you also want the most durable option when hiring a high-pressure unit. The most recent models are equipped with an EU Stage V diesel engine and therefore meet the strictest emission requirements.

  • WOMA is a well-known and reliable pump unit brand
  • Trailer
  • Most recent models operate with minimal emissions due to EU Stage V diesel engine



High Pressure Unit





Max. Pressure

2800 bar

Max. Flow

25 (L/MIN)

Dimensions (LxWxH)

4450x2030x2190 mm

Weight (Empty)

2650 kg

Weight (Max. Allowed)

2700 kg

Noise Peak

109 dB

Water Tank

150 L

Fuel Tank

200 L

Ad Blue Tank

25 L

* Familiarise yourself with towing requirements and legal regulations

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