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Ultra High Pressure Pump Units

Doornbos Equipment provide a variety of Ultra High Pressure pumps, with pressures ranging from 2000-2800 bar.

Our Ultra high pressure pumps can be used for a variety of tasks including;

  • Surface prep cleaning
  • Removal of paint layers and coatings
  • Roughening of concrete
  • Steel cutting (cold)

Larger surfaces can be treated safely and efficiently in combination with automatic cleaning robots, which Doornbos Equipment can also provide.

Doornbos provide the machines, supply spares and accessories, and offer lifetime service support for all of our equipment and customers own equipment.

Employing water jetting equipment for your industrial cleaning needs will ensure you receive a more accurate service. The process is also much gentler on the environment as it avoids using chemicals and sees all waste water collected and recycled. Using high pressure water jetting equipment to clean the exterior of your building is particularly useful because it will remove contaminants without damaging the structure.

If you would like any more information on our ultra-high pressure pumps or to obtain a free rental quote, please contact the team today!

Tech Specs
Type WOMA EcoMaster MK3 UHP pump Trailer
Pressure 2,800 bar
Liters/min 27
Power 127kW
Weight 2.600 kg
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