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Hose Testing

A hose and accessory testing service designed to test all industrial hoses and accessories available at Doornbos Equipment. This convenient and cost-effective service for maintaining and testing the integrity of hoses also has important implications in reducing personal risk, to injury from burst and leaking hoses, and potential contamination or pollution with subsequent costly compensation or clean-up operations caused by hose failure.

Doornbos Equipment’s experienced team are able to conduct a number of essential checks to detect any internal damage within a hose. The team carries out visual external inspections for obvious signs of wear and abrasion, and then check the internal conditions of each hose. This system checks for partial blockages, deposits, internal tears and pop-corning defects that would otherwise go undetected. The teams also pressure check hoses with compressed air or with water to one and a half times greater than the rated application, to detect any leaks. Once tests are completed, test results are provided which comply with todays stringent standards.

‘Our hose testing engineers are experts in their fields, with a minimum of 15 years of experience. This means they can thoroughly test all hoses and, if the customer requires, can also investigate the cause of hose problems and provide solutions to prevent recurrence. They can also replace hoses, implement regular maintenance and repeat testing programmes, taking much of the burden from our customers.’

Steve Buxton, UK Rental Manager