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Amphitec Suction Excavator

The Amphitec Suction Excavator with its soil suction arm is specially designed for removing soil around cables and pipelines. The powerful vacuum/pressure technology ensures that soil, clay and sand are sucked up quickly and easily. All the advantages of the Amphitec Vortex are combined in the Suction Excavator; this makes the Amphitec Suction Excavator extremely suitable for a wide variety of purposes. The hydrostatic drive in combination with the soil suction arm means that this machine can be operated via remote control by a single person. The difference between the Amphitec vacuum concept and a traditional fan machine is, among other things, the high-capacity suction of liquids and working at depths.

Amphitec products are characterised by efficiency. The strong Roots Blower, which still performs very well at low speeds, and the optimal transfer of the gear box guarantee optimal fuel consumption. The machine offers the right balance, making your work go faster and safer.

All of our Jetting and Vacuum units can be modified to customer specifications and price will vary depending on the spec.



    • Tank Capacity

    • 11000 M³/HR

    • Vacuum Pump

    • Roots Blower

    • Max. Vacuum

    • 96%

    • Certification

    • SIR