Doornbos UK#TeamDoornbos


16 July 2018


Doornbos Equipment celebrated our 80th birthday Friday 29th June. Here is a photo of #TeamDoornbos (UK & Holland).

We would like to thank everyone who attended along with all of the companies that helped to make the night happen.

Stockton Cricket Club – For the venue

Big D’s BBQ – For the amazing BBQ food (We would highly recommend)

Tees Entertainment – For providing the music to dance to

Belloons – For the 8 + 0

Jazzy Balloons – For the inside decorations with our company logo

That Cake – For our tasty cupcake and big cake


Take a look our history and we have changed and grew since 1938 here.


Doornbos Equipment

Doornbos Equipment specialise in the Rental and Sales of High Pressure Pumps, Vacuum Units, and High Pressure Hoses. With over 20 years of experience, we are renowned for working with only the safest, most efficient and reliable equipment.

With a fully stocked parts centre and onsite engineers, along with a recognised Water Jetting Association (WJA) training centre, Doornbos can be your one stop shop for water jetting and vacuum equipment.

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